Photo Submission

During the month before each meeting, club members are assigned a specific subject, technique, or style to focus on.  Prior to each meeting, members select their 2 best photographs from the assignment and upload them below. Just before each meeting, our technical judging panel will select their favorite four images. During each meeting, members anonymously vote on on their favorite 6 from the remaining submissions. Each of the 10 selected favorites will be printed in large format to be given to the photographer after being displayed in the church and at the Bonney Lake City Hall Justice Center.

Submit Your Photo

Please rename your photos using this format: “Firstname Lastname-X.jpg” (for example, “Jim Grasley 1, Jim Grasley 2). Total file size for your submissions should be under 2 mb. If your combined images are too large, try submitting one photo at a time. Please make sure that your submitted photos are specific to the month’s assignment.

Please label your favorite image 1 and your second favorite image 2 after your name. If more than 100 photos are submitted for an assignment, we will use only image 1.

NOTE: If you would like to have your image critiqued at a club meeting, please put a “C” after your name. We will critique 4-6 photos at each club meeting from the previous assignment.

Once your photos have been submitted, you should see a message that says “Your photos have been successfully submitted.” If you do not get this message, email your photos directly to

Please keep these things in mind for submitting your photos at each meeting.

  • You must be a club member in good standing to submit photos.
  • All photos submitted must be your own work.
  • There will be a FRESH subject QUARTERLY – that means photos submitted for the next meeting will have been taken within 90 days before the meeting.
  • Photo Editing is permissible with no limitations. Filters are allowed and B&W images are acceptable. You may remove elements or enhance your original photo. Composite photos (more than one photo merged with another photo) and unlimited editing will be allowed for 3 assignments during 2017. See the assignment tab for those assignments.
  • Please no watermarks, framing or Panorama.
  • Please submit your pictures FOUR DAYS (that would be Sunday) ahead of the meeting.
  • All eligible photos for judging must be submitted by midnight of the Sunday before the next meeting.

Submission guidelines for Projection:

Image Sizing: For now, please size your images 1080 pixels on the Vertical side only. This should show your photos perfectly on our projector 98% of the time.

For an easy to use FREE program to use for resizing, use Faststone Image Viewer 5.3. Go to and download the file. Once you open Faststone viewer, select the photo that you want to submit, then go to the menu bar and select EDIT. You will see “Resize/Resample”. Click on that, then choose the button “Pixels”. Be sure that the “Preserve Aspect Ratio” box is checked at the bottom. Make the height 1080 and then save. That’s it! Your image has been sized properly.

File Type: JPEG – Other file types will not be accepted

Use an sRGB profile: If your image uses a different profile, there is no guarantee that the colors in your image will be properly interpreted and displayed during projection. Failure to use an sRGB profile will not disqualify your image.


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